ohana poke bowls

Ohana is a locally supplied poke shack, they requested for me to work freely on this project, the main aspects of this design were to make everything as frugal as possible for print and advertising.

The Quest

As any project endowed with creative freedom, the sketching process was incredibly long and after spawning around 7 different proposals I decided to go straight with this one without showing the others and it was a hole in one.


The Meaning

Ohana is dedicated to provide fresh and healthy eating alternatives for people that are looking for a delicious, complete meal or just a tasty treat. The main concept of this design is based on the hawaiian sunsets, the creamy colours of raw fish and modern minimalistic lineart visual language.

The Icons

Iconography was developed with application foreshadowing in mind, these icons and visual identity were soon to be used in advertising and promotional products such as stationery menus, business cards, billboards, facebook ad campaings, promotional videos, glass engraving and interior design for the restaurant. From the delicious avocado to the zesty lime and the shiny sun, iconography adapts to any range of applications for future use.